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Whether it’s poured Epoxy resin flooring or polyurethane resin  (PU), the benefits of these floors are that they are quick to install and easy to maintain. Their proven durability means they are great value for money but not all products are the same… For the none-technical buyer the list of resin manufactures and products can be bewildering.


As a fully independent provider we freely access the most advanced materials available from all manufacturers. Unlike a salesman with a product brief, we explore with the customer what it is they really want and how they want their industrial floor to perform and then offer product guidance on that basis.


Only by taking the time to understand what the customer really wants are we able select the right materials for some of the most demanding industrial flooring, retail flooring and warehouse flooring environments.


If you have a project or a question on know whether epoxy poured resin, polyurethane resin (PU) or polished concrete is the right solution for your flooring, Call:

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