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Industrial Flooring Contractors Scunthorpe have over 25 years experience as flooring contractors. Specialising in a large range of floor preparations techniques including dust free captive blasting. They also have an uplift machine for removing tiles etc from your substrate.


Here at Industrial Flooring Contractors  in Scunthorpe, they use the latest technology in floor preparation. Industrial floor preparation machines prepare concrete surfaces for new paint, epoxy, carpet, or vinyl flooring. Specialized vacuums attached to the machine ensure a completely dust free atmosphere.


The benefits to you of using a leading industrial flooring contractor is that everything, from preparation to floor laying is done in-house. Giving you advantages in shortening the time taken to complete the project and the all important budget benefits due to their competitive pricing structure. The benefits of using an approved contractor for all your commercial flooring is competitive pricing, quality products and speed. So call them today on 01430 410 069 to discuss your flooring needs.


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